A new name for the BUD Racing team

The BUD Racing team will now be known as the 9MM ENERGY DRINK BUD RACING KAWASAKI team.

Since January 1, 2021, the French team has been associated on a multi-year contract with a new player in the energy drink industry with international ambitions.

9 MM ENERGY DRINK is a brand that has had the audacity to market both a content with unique and refreshing flavours but also and above all an extraordinary and particularly innovative design ( www.9mmenergydrink.com/) that displays a strong personality easily recognizable and identifiable from wherever you are.

Rarely has a brand slogan been so close to a motocross team: “Reach your target”.

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A new start for new ambitions but also a change in continuity for Stéphane Dassé, the team manager, who has increased his ambitions with a strike force expanded to 5 riders: The new recruit Hakon Fredriksen is none other than the 3rd in the 2020 250cc European Championship. The latter has taken up residence in the South West from his native Norway. His teammate in the category is well known to young fans as it is the double French champion Quentin Prugnieres who is moving up in the category (for the third consecutive year) and will discover the formidable all new KAWASAKI KX 250. Amandine Verstappen, Women French Champion in 2020, will ride the green bike one more year and will also be entered in the World Championship. To these three “Two fifty” riders are added two young Belgian prodigies, the twins Lucas and Sacha Coenen (also reigning French champion for the latter, in the 85cc category) who have high hopes under their new colors now in the 125cc category. All five will be coached by the experienced Thierry Van Den Bosch the trainer of the team, in World, European and French championships.

Steve CLAVETTE, President of 9 MM ENERGY DRINK:

“The entire 9MM ENERGY DRINK team is proud to be associated with the renowned Bud Racing team. This agreement represents more than a simple sponsorship, it is the beginning of an adventure together where we want to combine our values, our passions and our ambitions and promote the surpassing of oneself. Bud Racing is known for training and helping young riders reach their target and this is exactly in line with our brand philosophy. We can’t all be world champions, but we can all be better day after day. It is with this enthusiasm that we will proudly work together. Just like Bud Racing, 9MM is a story that started with a dream and has grown with a lot of perseverance and passion. Now we want to continue to innovate and achieve great things together. Because yes, in 2021, 9MM will innovate the world of energy drinks! On your marks, get set, Reach you Target!


“On behalf of the entire team, I would like to express the pride and enthusiasm of being associated with 9MM ENERGY DRINK. Even before tasting the product, we were already conquered by the logo and especially the fantastic design including this ingenious cap. Thanks to their precious involvement and a multi-year contract, we will do everything possible to “reach our target” both in competition and distribution where BUD RACING will also be involved alongside its new partner. For the anecdote and coincidence, it’s funny to note that our Bud Racing Army video was already in the spotlight just a few weeks before our first contact. Finally, I would like to welcome 9MM ENERGY DRINK with whom I hope we will share many victories and podiums with another major partner: KAWASAKI, one of the most loyal partners of the BUD RACING team since 2007 “.

Words: BUD Racing