2024 AMA numbers announced – Sexton takes Carmichael’s number!

The 2024 AMA numbers are out and Chase Sexton, the 450 supercross champ, has taken the iconic number four, that was made globally famous by America’s GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, who rode with the number just last weekend on the new Triumph’s debut.

Blake Baggett most recently used the number in race mode and it means KTM, the team Sexton is expected to join, will have the number one plate in supercross and the famous four outdoors.

Tom Vialle will be number 16, the number former world champion, Greg Albertyn, was back in 1996 in his second year in America.

Haiden Deegan will run number 38 as a career number.

Sexton image: Feld Entertainment Inc

Carmichael image: Triumph