Video: Tim Gajser preparing for Indonesia at his home track

Tim Gajser has been preparing for the Indonesia double header at his home track – Tiga243Land.

We recently asked Gajser about being based at home and he told us the following:

I mean, I’m that kind of guy that likes to go back to where I came from, you know? I like to train in Slovenia and I like to be at home. It’s always quiet there, you know? Nobody is there from the let’s say the Motocross World Championship. I’m just alone there doing my own thing, nobody really knows what I’m doing so I like that. I like that and that’s why I never move somewhere else like to Belgium or somewhere. For me, I mean it’s strange to go to a practice and have like 15 GP riders there.

I prefer to do my own thing always staying in Slovenia. Whenever we need to go testing or something I go to Italy to Milano where the team is based, we do some testing there and some trainings there. Most of them I do in Slovenia on my track but we have some nice tracks around. I’m not riding at one track and we also have some deep sand tracks in Croatia where I get ready for Lommel and Riola. I have everything what I need.

See him in action at his home track below, Matej Podgoršek with the brilliant footage.