Video: Roczen v Webb heat race East Rutherford

Ken Roczen was on fire in the dry heat race at East Rutherford. Roczen holeshot then got passed by Webb but Roczen didn’t give in fought to pass Webb back and then pulled away to an emphatic win, before showing he could ride the mud well too taking third.

See the battle here:

Roczen said of his night: We went from perfect conditions to this 🫣😆 super proud of the team @hepmotorsports@soules86@l_brooks@activeride The bike was flawless yesterday.
Conditions like that are survival.

I had a great first half of the main making down moves and leading for a bit. I ended up casing the absolute 💩 out of the finish line and bounced my head off the cross bar… which resulted in me ditching my goggles because I couldn’t see from the sweat in my lens from the impact. Later on I got roosted and my right eye really got caked with mud and i couldn’t clear the mud from my eye ball.
I crashed in the whoops but luckily held the clutch and kept the bike running.
It was entertaining 😆

P 3 on the night. I am super happy with everything and content with the result. Let’s keep it going these next few rounds.