Video: Chambers back in USA with Osborne

Jack Chambers has had some good motos in his first couple of months in the world championship but with a free weekend between France and Latvia, Chambers went back to the States and got some training help from Zach Osborne – the man who helped get him the ride with Steve Dixon!

Andy McKinstry caught up with Steve in France who said: “Jack is doing real good. It’s a shame, I think he’d have got a sixth in that one, but he broke a chain, apparently three riders broke a chain in that race, Taylor Hammal did as well. It’s a shame, I think we only had eight minutes to go but yeah, he’s going to go home for a week now. His track at home is a bit like Latvia so he is taking some parts back to go training there for four days and then come back to Latvia and hopefully continue the build. I mean it’s not really about points, it’s more about the experience.

“The main thing is that tracks are so difficult to remember because they’re so rutty and then you have to remember all the jumps and which ones are the good ruts. You know if you make one little mistake someone is going to pounce on you. Normally the pack behind him after he gets a good start, the pack behind him usually gobble him up but this time he started sixth and went back to eighth. He seemed comfortable but the pack were right behind him, and I was thinking, here we go again, we’ll be back to twelfth. But he was able to break away from the pack and was chasing down sixth so that was really good. It was a shame about the chain, but we’d have had a good result. He is building and he’s not going to put it on the line because he’s not going for a championship or anything like that but next year every point will count.”

Listen to the interview with Steve Dixon below or read here: