Video: Adam Cianciarulo podcast – plugged in

More insightful obsservations from the very articulate Adam Cianciarulo in his latest podcast:

“It sucks because Jett is making us all look a little bit silly and that doesn’t sit really well with me, I want to put up a fight. My goal is obviously to be up there. We all want to get ip there.

“But I’m stoked on this season (mx).I’m riding a lot smarter than I ever have. Just the things that are going through my head when I’m on the track, I’m seeing the benefit of some of the things I’ve gone through.

I’m enjoying myself more. I’m putting less pressure on myself, so everything just feels easier. I remember earlier in my career, race days would feel so hard, so big. Really stressful – really life or death. That might sound dramatic but it felt like everything about me was on the line that day.”