Tomac replies to Osborne on perceived weak point!

Eli Tomac made a comeback on Twitter to contradict Zach Osborne’s opinion of him not liking being behind in the roost!

Adam Ciancuarulo unintentionally started it all by saying how gnarly Eli was and how he didn’t seem to care about being roosted only for Osborne to reply saying he disagreed and that he felt it was a Tomac weakness: “I felt like the more I roosted him the better chance I had at beating him.”

Eli wasn’t impressed with this viewpoint saying..” this is the fakest news point of view I’ve seen in some time. That’s like saying most of my wind have ridden on the coat tails of being a holeshot artist.”

Tomac hasn’t posted on Twitter for nearly three years but this was a pretty good comeback!

See the race Osborne was referring to here:

Image: Yamaha