Tommy Searle interview – Belfast Arenacross round 1 winner!

Tommy Searle had the perfect night at round one of the British Arenacross championship in Belfast.

Searle led start to finish in all three races, only coming under pressure late in the main event from Conrad Mewse with lappers in the mix. But Searle stayed calm to take the win in his first race on the Revo GTCI Kawasaki.

This is what he had to say about the impressive victory (watch or read):

You made that look pretty easy until Conrad put some pressure on you in the last couple of laps, but all day your were smooth and fast, what are your thoughts?

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I was quite in control, I had one section where I was a little bit slow, I was overthinking and trying to do something that was costing a bit of time. But other than that I felt really in control all day, got the starts, which helped each race which come from good qualifying, so it all funnelled from practice, which was my goal to stay safe and get through the night. To come away with the win from the first one, it’s nice to get that win out of the way.

I can’t give enough praise to the Arenacross boys for setting this up, I think it’s brilliant and the crowd loved it, I think the riders loved it, all in all a great night.

It was your first race back on Kawasaki, did you feel any pressure with a big crowd?

No, I didn’t feel any pressure for that reason, but I genuinely love the bike, the team have been great to me, they have given me everything I needed up until now. GTCI, Revi, they are the main two guys, GTCI have helped me out a lot and made a lot of this happen along with Revo. Can’t fault the team and a great start to my year with them, and hopefully, we can continue like that.

You lead every lap tonight, are you hoping to do the same tomorrow (RD 2 Saturday) to make it easy?

Yeah, I holeshot every race and led every main, so can’t ask for more than that!

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