Tomac on day one at Cardiff WSX and the new 2023 Yamaha

We caught up with Eli Tomac today after practice and got his thoughts on the track as well as the new Yamaha that he will race in 2023 – but he isn’t riding it in Cardiff.

On the track: I spent four days on the supercross track before here, so got a little bit of time in. The track here, I would say it’s a good mix of speed, technical, but also not too much to where I don’t think it will be too slow, it has a good mix. Today was the free practice, me and Kenny did go at it there in the timed session back and forth. I had never hit the metal ramp before, so that’s pretty cool! It’s like a West coast race, it reminds me of Anaheim or Phoenix, it’s got a hard base.

On Wales: I hadn’t been to the UK at all – the good thing is the people speak English so it’s a good country to go to, you can get around pretty well.

On the new 2023 Yamaha: I’m on the 2022 (in Wales), our first real supercross test is going to be the third week of October on the 23 so we are going to get it soon but not for here. Paris, that’s up in the air, we have to see if we can logisitically get a motorcycle there. The first thing you will notice right away is the weight of it, it’s a lot lighter, you feel that just leaning left to right, getting into a rut, starting a turn, it is so much more manourveable but it’s not unstable, I think people are really going to like it.

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