Talking point: Twists and turns in MX2 as Geerts and De Wolf show mental toughness

We’re now nine rounds into the MX2 World Championship but there’s already been so many twists are turns so far in what is turning out to be a very exciting championship battle.

At the start of the season, Jago Geerts looked a level ahead and nearly unbeatable but then suffered a big crash at the gnarly Villars sous Ecot circuit. A fractured wrist, truth be told his championship run looked over but three weeks later he’s behind the start gate in Germany. It’s one thing to line up and try to race but the Belgian dug incredibly deep and finished 13-7 with a crash in the opening moto. An important 22 championship points and even though it’s still going to be difficult to claw back 64 points, he has given himself at least a chance. If he didn’t line up in Germany there would have been no chance. Whether or not he wins the title this year or not, he’s going to be an exciting addition in the MXGP class in 2024.

Image: Yamaha Racing

Then there’s the incredibly talented, Kay de Wolf who won his first GP in Latvia just over a week ago. On a high and then the Thursday before the next round in Germany he crashed and sprained his ankle. From the highs of winning your first GP to dealing with an injury and barely being able to add weight on it. On Saturday during qualifying he crashed and pulled out, it looked like he needed a miracle. However, Sunday was a new day and he rode superb for 11-10 for eleventh overall. He might have lost the red plate but only 17 points off the red plate, he is well and truly in the championship fight. We now know like Geerts he is also prepared to fight.

De Wolf’s ankle…

Both Kay de Wolf and Jago Geerts both showed just how much they want to win this title despite being at different parts of their career. With De Wolf being 18 and only winning 1 GP overall but clearly a big fighter. Geerts on the other hand is in a last chance saloon as he’ll be making the move to MXGP in 2024. He’s been unlucky to miss out of a title in the past and whilst this year will be difficult after his injury if he can go on a winning run, it’s not impossible. He will clearly fight until the end and wants this title, badly.

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The MX2 World Championship has been superb this year with Andrea Adamo probably being the stand out. When he was signed by KTM he wasn’t supposed to challenge for the MX2 world title – quite similar to the way KTM signed Tom Vialle but here we are. KTM always seem to get it right and Adamo is calculated, smart and has superb speed when he needs it just like we saw in France, he was incredible.

Image: Infront Moto Racing

Thibault Benistant was the one that was expected to push Jago Geerts at the start of the season and whilst he maybe hasn’t showed blistering speed on a consistent basis he is very well in the picture as he’s only 8 points off Adamo. A nice position to be and if he can ride like he did in France every weekend he’ll be hard to beat. He also knows how to win championships having won the EMX125 and EMX250 titles in the past.

Image: Infront Moto Racing

Things could be so much different for Simon Laengenfelder too as similarly to De Wolf got injured just after winning his first GP of the year but unfortunately for the German he’s had to sit out too many GP’s but he should return in Indonesia.

What a story the Everts’ family are when it comes to Motocross and Liam Everts made history in Germany becoming the third generation to win a GP after his father, Stefan and Grandad, Harry. The likeable young Belgian joked he only has 100 more to go now but what an emotional day for the family and you’d have to say he’s done this before it was expected. He’s going from strength to strength as he tries to get to the top of the sport his way.

Image: Ray Archer

He might only be 16 years old but Lucas Coenen is already the real deal. If it wasn’t for a couple of broken chains he’d definitely have more race wins to his name and he’s made the jump up from the EMX250 to the MX2 GP class look incredibly easy. This kid will only get stronger and stronger, he showed in the EMX classes that once he wins, he keeps winning so watch out as a GP win should be just around the corner.

Image: Full Spectrum Media

A shout out to the very consistent Roan van de Moosdijk who’s had a horrible time with injuries since making the move up to MX2 but this year in what is his last year in the class he’s been super consistent. If he can keep up his good starts and sort out the last ten minutes of his moto’s then he can win a GP and it would be lovely for him to do that before making the move to MXGP in 2024.

There’s still so much racing and almost certain twists and turns left in the championship chase just yet… but one thing that’s sure: the future is in good hands!

Article: Andy McKinstry