Sexton on changing fork settings after the parade lap at High Point

Image: Align media

Chase Sexton explained his dramatically different two motos at High Point and a last minute bike change after the sighting lap in moto two, in what was a roller coaster day for the Red Bull KTM rider.

“I mean from the first moto to the second moto I was like a different person, that was nice. Being on the ground twice, those were just dumb crashes,” said Sexton on the mistakes. “They were in turns with no ruts around a pretty rutted track, not stoked on that. The riding was better, I wasn’t really pushing, which was weird. I had these weird crashes, but I wasn’t really pushing, I was in my comfort zone. I was just having stupid mistakes. Clean those up. That’s the most frustrating part, but I guess the speed’s good. but I have to fix those dumb problems.”

On those last minute bike changes Chase said: “Yeah we did a big change after the first moto with the shock, and we did the sight lap…to be honest I was like racing the sight lap to get back to the start gate because I knew we needed to make a change, that wasn’t going to work for 30 minutes, I knew kind of what it was going to do, we just adjusted the ride height of the bike, and it was quite a bit better. I put my own fuel in the bike because Kyle was adjusting the forks, so I was fueling up the bike and I spilled gas everywhere, on my hands, on the seat – I probably shouldn’t touch the bikes! I knew what I was getting, I just didn’t know how big of a change it was going to be.”

“I ended up riding this week and not riding good, so we ended up switching the bike based on what felt good in Florida. Then the first moto was not good. Then it was a scramble, do we go back to what I was racing before? We kind of split the difference, it was kinda like halfway between what I had this week in Florida and the last two races. It was like a guess and test kinda thing. I’m not super familiar with the bike outdoors. Second moto was good. We’re kind of in between what I was on before and what I found in Florida. In Florida this week I was all over the place, I was not riding very well, and I was kinda a mess.”

“I was definitely pissed off when I came off the track initially,” he admitted. “But I have to take the positives from that race, I was riding pretty well and stuff was coming to me easily. I don’t need to change much, riding-wise, to be honest. I just need a reset, and comeback for Southwick and the rest of these races.”

Let’s see if reset works for Sexton and if the KTM settings become more to his liking as he chases the 2024 outdoor title against the Lawrence brothers.