Injury update: Max Spies

Image: ADAC

Max Spies was involved in a start crash during the MXGP of Italy and even though it wasn’t a big crash, the German didn’t feel good so went to the medical center to get checked out.

The German had some internal bleeding that needed to be stopped so got air lifted to the hospital. After losing more blood than he should have, they managed to stop the bleeding but it turns out that he has a broken hip and he’s been riding with it for the first three months of the season!

Spies will now focus on his recovery before thinking about getting back on the bike.

The following update was posted on social media:

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“INJURY UPDATE: For sure you all know about the start crash at the MXGP of Italy, Maggiora. It also got me, even if I didn’t have a hard crash it still led me to the medical center after finishing the first lap because I felt weird. I got my handlebar into my body what suffered me some internal bleedings that needed to be stopped. So, they took me to hospital by helicopter, did some check ups. The hospital messed me up even more I must say…  I lost quite a lot of blood later, by just people caring for me that had no clue what they are doing to me. I did a full CT scan (what’s not good for athletes), where they should’ve just done one to the part I had the bleedings and so on… 

“Anyway, someone came up to me after I laid about an hour alone somewhere in nowhere and said that the bleedings stopped but that I have a broken hip and I won’t be able to walk for the next 2 weeks. What I didn’t believe because I had no pain there”.

“So I went straight out of there to home , and let my docs look over it. And there is a part in my hip what was broken, that I didn’t know about but now I know where all my back problems started. So I rode the first 3 months of the season with a broken hip (now the pain I had makes sense)”.

“In the end I am still in bed because on Monday I was feeling very bad and result why is that I have a sort of infection in my body where I am still fighting with to get back on the bike. The leg is also not looking nice at all. I will keep you guys updated when I will come back”.