Roczen stands up for the Electric bike

Ken Roczen has given his view on the Ebike critics after coming away impressed from riding the Stark Varg saying riding any bike is fun and people need to open their minds to new possiblities.

Ken, who said of the bike, “I’m blown away by in the tight turns and everything that’s weird… it’s like you hover over the ground,” then said on Instagram in another post: “E Bike this E bike that, 2 stroke are the shit, 4 strokes suck, 4 strokes are better bla bla. How about i ride circles around you on this thing!? Just sit your ass on a bike, ride and shut up. It’s simple.

Most of you haven’t even seen one in person never mind ridden one. This opens up a whole different door. Untouched territory in this sport. We went from a flip phone to an iPhone didn’t we!? Some people still prefer the flip phone… and that’s ok.

You can’t be too narrow minded with this stuff and let your big ass egos get in the damn way.
I just love riding dirt bikes. That’s it. It gives you different feedback than your regular dirt bike. Maybe I’ll do a review of what this thing does different.

See Roczen enjoying the revolutionary machine below: