Roczen gets treatment on knee ahead of WSX

Ken Roczen is already getting treatment on his knee to be as fit as possible for the opening round of WSX at Villa Park, England, on the first of July, with Roczen saying, “we should be good.”

In the HEP Suzuki press release Roczen commented: Overall we had a really good day here in Salt Lake. We were always up in the mix, battling for the top spot,” said Roczen. “We had a great heat. We were thrown a curve ball with the rain, but everything looked great. In the main, we got off to a decent start. I went around the third turn, dabbed my leg down, and hyperextended it. That ended my night and spooked me a little bit. I’ve never done anything to my knee, and it was hurting pretty bad. Luckily, it didn’t pop. It seems to be fine. But I had so much fun this year. I’m keeping my head high. We’ve been riding really well, have been solid on the bike, and we’re having a lot of fun with the team. That’s really what I’m holding onto. I can’t wait to have a couple of weeks off and then start competing in World Supercross.”

See the incident below: