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Livia Lancelot discusses the low number of MXGP entries

Livia Lancelot discusses the low number of MXGP entries
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DailyMX recently asked Livia Lancelot who runs the 114 Motorsports Honda team her opinion of the low numbers of MXGP and MX2 World Championship entries this season and she didn’t hold back. From her point of view, it is tough for the team’s and they could do with more support.

Lancelot also believes that WMX needs more support as it’s very tough for them to earn good money. Martine Hughes who has the potential to be a future World Champion is currently funding herself to race.

On low MXGP/MX2 rider entries… 

It’s really a pity. There are many circumstances and Covid-19 has not helped, but despite everything, the alarm bells have to be raised. We know that a mechanical sports are complicated, that you need sponsors and everything that goes with it. In MotoGP, how many are there, 22 on the grid? in F1, 20… But Motocross with 20 riders, it’s not pretty to watch, and the difference is there.

Today (in Portugal), in the most important motocross championship in the world, there are only 20 riders per category. What are the solutions, I don’t know? Maybe go back to a single category, and keep the categories of Europe… But it’s clear that it’s time to wake up. It’s a discussion that must take place between the manufacturers and Infront Moto Racing, we, the teams, we can’t do anything. We also suffer.

This year, Argentina cost us double what it cost us in 2018 between the increase in the price of plane tickets, the increase in freight rates for motorcycles, etc… In 2018, with Lawrence and Vaessen, it cost me €15,000, today I’m at more than €40,000 even though we haven’t splurged. All these increases make it difficult for us. I would almost have to say “You know what, I’m not going to Argentina”. Except that the reality is that Infront doesn’t care, Honda is going to hit me, it’s not going to help the championship and I’m going to find myself in a bad position.

Pic: Thibault Photography

On WMX and riders having to fund themselves… 

It is the reality of things. Unfortunately, it’s like that and it’s a bit sad, because women’s sport is changing positively in all sports, except in motocross, it’s going backwards. It’s not me who can find the solutions, it would be better to ask that to Infront. Why back then when I won a race it was on Motors TV live when today you have to pay a subscription to MXGP.TV or harass google for an hour to get some pictures? Women’s Motocross is not going the right way, but hopefully with someone like me behind Martine, and her results, I’ll be able to renegotiate a little help for her with Honda. It’s not going to cost them millions, and if she could have the gear, be in good conditions and keep her personal sponsors, that would be interesting. In motorsport today you have to fund yourself, it’s not only the case in Motocross, but there is a huge difference between men and women in MX. The first women’s world championship was 15 years ago, and in 15 years, it would have had plenty of time to evolve in the right direction, and yet…

You can read the full interview, here.

Pic: Thibault Photography

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