Jett Lawrence enjoys his success – Rolls Royce!

He hasn’t raced a 450 supercross yet but Jett Lawrence at just 20 years old is probably the biggest star of the sport already!

He hasn’t lost a title in two and a half years and a had a perfect outdoor season in his 450 debut and this all means big money! His dad even said in the recent documentary by Alpinestars that Jett’s salary goes up 400k for 2024 if he won the outdoor title – which he did and has rewarded himself with a Rolls Royce Mansory Cullinan.

A Rolls Royce car for a Rolls Royce rider!

From a tough beginning the Lawrences have every right to enjoy the big money earned by their success. Jett is living the dream right now as he approaches his first 450 supercross season!