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Interview: Zack Williams discusses his British Championship debut

Interview: Zack Williams discusses his British Championship debut
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There was a new name in the British Championship paddock for the final round of the series with Zack Williams making the long trip from America to race under the SC Sport Homes Husqvarna team.

With the SC Sport Homes Husqvarna team contesting selected AMA Nationals last year as well as this year they decided to invite Williams over to make his British Championship debut at Monster Mountain.

We caught up with Williams to discuss his experience of racing in the UK, plans for the future and more.

GateDrop: Zack, you had the opportunity to race the final round of the British Championship for SC Sport Homes Husqvarna, how did that all come about?

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Williams: I did yes, and it is such a cool deal. I never thought I would be racing my dirt bike in the UK. One of my biggest sponsors in the U.S., Cody Sheehan helped make it happen because he got to know Neil Prince pretty well over the last couple years. I have a good job outside of moto back home with a boss that’s really supportive of my racing so it makes it easier to get the time off to do stuff like this.

GateDrop: The team have done some AMA Nationals the past couple of years, I’m assuming you got to know Neil and the team at those rounds in America?

Williams: Yes, they are a good group of guys, and we seemed to always be pitted close to each other, and I’ve had good battles with all the guys on the team in 250 last year, and now 450’s this year

GateDrop: How did you find racing the final round of the British Championship?

Williams: I enjoyed it a lot. It always kind of tough jumping right into it with not a lot of prep, but I feel like I faired okay out there, but definitely feel like I could be up there further after what I learned. The team was awesome all day, and happy to be over here!

GateDrop: How did you find the track? It’s actually a new track this year so the British guys wouldn’t have as much advantage at that track than somewhere they’ve raced for years!

Williams: The track was epic! I liked how many jumps they added in, the biggest difference compared to the U.S. nationals was how hard the base of the track was, but all in all it was a really good race track

GateDrop: How did you find the level of the British MX1 class? The guys at the front are fast and Kullas showed that by what he did racing the last three AMA Nationals…

Williams: I have a lot of respect for the guys over here, especially after seeing Kullas, and some of the others come over and do really well in America. Racing is a deeper field in America as expected, but the guys in the British championship are no joke.

GateDrop: Results wise what did you expect coming into the race? Were you happy with how you ended up with a tenth overall?

Williams: Yes and no, I really had no expectations being I came over just for the experience, and some fun, but the racer in me always wants more. I’ve been racing my Honda’s back in the U.S. for awhile now so I had to quickly learn the Husqvarna, and I know I would only get better the more time on it so I don’t feel like I wasn’t out there at 100%.

GateDrop: You’ve also raced plenty of AMA Nationals in the past, you most love racing those events at home at some amazing tracks…

Williams: I absolutely do, I enjoy everything about it. The tracks, the grind, the competition, and chasing goals.

GateDrop: I see you went to check London out, how did you find that and the UK from what you have seen? Have you been outside America much in the past?

Williams: I love it over here. London was super cool to check out, but I’m not a huge fan of cities, and there’s to many people for me (laughs). So, I’ve actually enjoyed my time better hanging out with Neil and the team outside of the city. The food and coffee has been really good over here too

GateDrop: Have you any plans for 2024 yet – would you consider more races in the UK or even the full championship?

Williams: As of now 2024 isn’t fully planned out, I’m fortunate to have good support with Fusion Motorsports and I know he’s always behind me. The U.S. nationals is for sure on the list for next summer, but Supercross is something we have to sort out. I would absolutely love to come back and race more of these I feel like I would fit in well with the series.

GateDrop: I believe you have a flight home before the British MXGP at Matterley Basin, would you be tempted to delay the journey home to race there?

Williams: (laughs) I didn’t even think about that until now. I would have to talk that over with the wife, and my boss at home, but If I came this far I’m always up for more racing! (NOTE: Zack has travelled home so we won’t see him race the GP).

Interview: Andy McKinstry

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