Interview: Isak Gifting – chasing MX2 GP podiums!

Coming into the 2022 season, Isak Gifting might have lost his status as a factory rider but in the Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee he’s found a good spot and it could help take the pressure off being a full factory rider.

Gifting had a good start to the season on his Hitachi KTM debut even winning a moto. A crash in the second moto meant he missed out on an overall podium but the Swede can be happy with his pace.

We caught up with Gifting to talk about his day and more.

On his day at Hawkstone International…

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It was an up and down day let’s say even though the speed was really good. I was happy to get the win in the first moto after being able to catch and pass Tom and Conrad. In the second moto I was stuck behind my teammate for too long and it cost me a lot of time and then I crashed. It meant I went 1-6 on the day missing out on the podium but I am happy with my speed.

On his technique and looking so smooth in race one…

I have been working on it, actually. I felt in control and smooth in race one which I think showed in the result, that is the way I want to ride. In the second moto I got frustrated because it was hard to pass and started to ride too aggressive which resulted in the crash. It can happen sometimes but moving forward I will try to ride as smooth as I can.

On the first-time racing at Hawkstone International…

Yes, it was my first time racing the track and it’s really good. I really enjoyed the track and it got quite rough. Obviously, the weather was far from ideal, but it turned out good and it’s just a shame we couldn’t use the full hill, that would have been awesome!

On how things are going with the Hitachi team and if he feels under less pressure than he was when bring a factory rider…

I feel like we are a great group of people who all want it very much and work for it. Also, I think we’ve developed a good and competitive bike so I’m looking forward to put on the line.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

On riding injured last year and how it affected him…

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Actually, at the time I felt it wasn’t so bad to ride with the foot injury but it wasn’t ideal picking the injury up three days before the start of the season. Looking back now it did hinder me and especially with the confidence but towards the end of the year I started to feel like myself again and show what I could do running closer to the front. I feel much better going into the 2022 season and fully prepared, apart from having Covid a couple of weeks ago everything has been going really well.

On expectations for the MX2 World Championship heading into the season…

Honestly, it is wide open. There’s a lot of good riders and starts are going to be key. I feel like if I can get good starts then I can be right at the front because my speed and riding is good. It can be tough to come through the pack if you get a bad start so I know I need my starts to be good but if I can get away, I believe in myself that I can run at the front. One thing I really want to do this year is get on the podium and I feel I can do it.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pics: Nigel McKinstry