Interview: Gyan Doensen – impressive EMX125 debut

It’s not easy to make the jump up from racing an 85cc to the 125cc and the ultra competitive EMX125 championship, but Gyan Doensen had a superb debut in Switzerland.

The young Dutch talent inked a deal with the WZ KTM team coming into the season and already looks at home on the 125cc. A crash ruined his first moto result but he bounced back in the second moto to finish a superb second to secure an impressive eighth overall.

As Doensen adapts to racing the class he should continue to get better as the season progresses. We decided to catch up with him to discuss his EMX125 debut.

GateDrop: Gyan, it was your debut race in the EMX125 class, I think you can be happy with how your weekend went. It was a shame about the crash in race one but in the second race, I think you can be delighted with that one and how you ended the weekend…

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Doensen: Of course. I am really happy with my first race in the EMX125, it’s a bummer the first race didn’t go my way. I was in tenth I think but then I had a big crash falling back to twentieth before eventually finishing nineteenth. But yeah, the second moto I turned things around, I took the holeshot and led for two laps or so. I was riding in third but then the leader crashed so I was second, I rode my own race and could finish in second so I am really happy.

GateDrop: What was it like in that second moto riding around in second? I mean it’s your EMX125 debut so I am sure you were excited but had to try and stay calm, easier said than done though…

Doensen: Yeah, actually in the first race I had so much nerves that I couldn’t ride like myself. Also, it was the same in the second moto but I could manage it this time. I think I did not so bad but I couldn’t ride like myself either. But still, it was really good.

GateDrop: How did you find the track? Not exactly a Dutch track, in fact the total opposite so to finish second in a moto is very good…

Doensen: It is a really difficult track. There were a lot of ruts and in the Netherlands we don’t have a lot of tracks like this. But I did ride tracks like this in my younger years so I was a little bit used to it but it turned out pretty good.

GateDrop: Coming into this season what were your expectations for this round and have they now changed? Or are you going to take it race by race and just learn as it is your rookie season…

Doensen: My expectations were to finish in the top ten in the season, this is what I hoped. We are now eighth in the standings I think after the first round – I still have the top ten in my mind because not every moto I can finish in second I think. Maybe, yes, it would be great but hopefully I can maybe already get a podium this season but if not then next season. We will go step by step.

GateDrop: You are obviously making the jump up from the EMX85 class, I would say this is your first weekend racing such a stacked class with the best young talents in Europe. How did you find the level of the EMX125 class?

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Doensen: The level is really high. The guys are really aggressive so it is really a lot different to the 85cc class. They wouldn’t block pass you if there was space but now, in this class, every time there is space they come. I need to get used to it and I need to be more aggressive as well but the time will come.

GateDrop: You do have a nice style even though you maybe need to be more aggressive, where has that came from? Have you looked up to other riders or maybe it’s come from coaching?

Doensen: I think from my coach, he has given me tips on how to ride. I really look to Kay de Wolf’s style, it is really nice and he makes it look really easy. I try to ride as easy as possible because it takes less energy.

GateDrop: Looking ahead to the future, have you anything in your head you’d like to achieve? To become a full time GP rider? Or maybe look to America in the future or would you rather GP’s?

Doensen: Hopefully one day in the future I can maybe be EMX125 champion, maybe even 250cc, 450cc champion too. Maybe to America but yeah, that is really hard. I will do everything to reach it – my goal is to become champion of every class and eventually maybe America.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing