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Interview: Courtney Duncan

Interview: Courtney Duncan
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Courtney Duncan will make her women’s GP debut this weekend in Qatar and she could make a big impression!

Setting scintillating times at home in New Zealand and mixing it with some of the leading MX2 riders in the country, Duncan is seriously talented and seriously quick. Her reputation has grown quickly around the world and a lot of people are expecting big things this season.

Of course she will have to adapt to racing the different tracks the GP scene holds but it seems her talent will could well outweigh the teething problems of setting up base in a new country and continent.

We caught up with the Kiwi to get her thoughts on her first ever GP season.

Gatedrop: You are racing the Womens World Championship this year, you must be excited for Qatar and to get the season started?

CD: Yes I will be, really looking forward to Qatar. Cant wait to get over there and get started!

Gatedrop: What are your goals for the season?

CD: To be honest with you I’m taking it race by race. I want to focus solidly on Qatar and getting a good result there. I’ve never raced any of the women or even seen them race so I don’t know. But all I’m focused on is myself and my own riding, I just cant wait to get over there!

Gatedrop: Have you watched Qatar before, do you know what type of track to expect and do you think it will suit you?

CD: Yes I’ve watched the race on youtube a number of times. It looks really cool so I’m certainly looking to getting out on it, also the lights are something different too. All in all everything looks amazing!

Gatedrop: Who do you think your main competitor will be in WMX?

CD: I don’t even know I haven’t looked at the entry list or the women I’m racing I just need to stay focused on my own riding and not worry about others.

Gatedrop: You are working with Josh Coppins. It must be awesome to work with someone who has been there and done it before!

CD: Yes I’ve worked with JC over the past three or so months and its been great. Like you said hes been there and done it all plenty of times before, not only that he’s been at the top of it all before so he’s knowledge, expericene and advice has been a big help for me to get get and be prepared for it all.

Gatedrop: What type of advice has he been giving you about the season ahead?

CD: Just a lot about racing the track in Europe and the challenges that lie ahead of me. He’s been helping me in the areas that’ll be tough and help put me in the best position I can be.

Gatedrop: Where will you be based for the season?

CD: I’m not too sure as of yet. Like i mentioned we have to perform at round 1 in Qatar to go further.

Gatedrop: A few weeks ago you beat some top riders like Josiah Natzke and Jake Nicholls. That must have felt awesome, did you surprise yourself?

CD: It was cool to battle with Natzke, we’ve battled right through Junior days and even on 125s last season where he got the better of me. We’ve both only just made the move to the 250fs this season so it was a good warm up race for us before we head off.

Gatedrop: Have you any experience riding deep sand? Is that something you look forward to trying?

CD: Depends what you mean by sand ha ha! I’ve done a bit of sand riding before but maybe nothing like European sand. I’m looking forward to it though, I do enjoy it a lot.

Gatedrop: If WMX goes well do you want to have a go at doing a few MX2 races against the men?

CD: I’d love too, I don’t think it’s out of the question but it’s a long way away yet. I have a lot to work on and to focus on the wmx first before we can even think of that.


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