Graeme Irwin interview: I am pumped!

Graeme Irwin was back racing a motocross bike for first time since his badly broken wrist at the final MXGP of the year in 2018 at the end of September – and it looked like the former British champ hadn’t missed a beat!

Despite having very little indoor racing experience and now being a short circuit racer, Irwin showed he still had the skills to be competitive with the Arenacross specialists in Belfast, fighting tooth and nail for every spot in every race he entered over both nights on the Fona Cab Honda.

Irwin even got a promotors choice to get into the main event on Saturday after coming close to qualifying in the LCQ and would take tenth place in the very competitive final.

Straight after the main we caught up with a buzzing Graeme who had clearly loved being back behind the starting gate and the huge support he received from the home crowd.

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I think you rode in every race you could tonight! How are you feeling?

I just kept feeling better every time I rode the track. I think at the end of the night tonight was probably the best I rode, it was just starting from the back in the main.

You were able to click into that pace fine…

You know what? For how little I have done coming into the race, I am pumped. I would have loved to have come here and put the thing on the podium and made some great story. Thank you to everybody that made this happen, thank you to everyone who came to support me and everyone else from home, everyone who came to support the event, it was a amazing. Matt Bates is running a really professional show and it’s great he brings it to Belfast.

How was the adrenalin with the gate drops after so long?!

My starts were mega! I’m a good starter in superstock, but this weekend they were good too. Honestly, I’ve just had a ball, thank you to everybody!

How is the wrist after the weekend?

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The wrist was good – holding up!

And any more motocross races this year?!

We will see, we will see, we’ve just got this one finished!