Forato injury update

Alberto Forato crashed late in yesterday’s qualifying moto, injured his shoulder yesterday and won’t be racing today.

However, after fears he could be out for MXON in Ernee for team Italy, the team and his father confirmed to us, that Alberto should, all being well, be ready to represent his country in two weeks time at the biggest race of the year. Tough man!

Forato gas now posted on social media saying: “Is not the news i wanted to give you but i will not race today at the last round of the MXGP world championship!! I’ve been sick all week, i wanted to try to ride yesterday but i was like a zombie on the bike and it ended up with a big crash on the last lap of the quali race.. This shows how we have to be always fit more than 100% and how dangerous it can be if you are not !! Thanks God i have nothing broken Big impact on a shoulder and on the head 💪🏼 It’s not an easy choice but sometimes we have to take the smart decision!! Now it’s time to rest and recover to be ready for the italian championship and the motocross of nation💪🏼💪🏼 Thanks to everyone I really wanted to go on that podium today but its just a matter of time i tell you!! Ciao ciao AF303 ❤️”

Image: InFront Moto Racing