Tomac on a huge win in Glendale

It was a perfect performance under title pressure for defending supercross champion, Eli Tomac, who executed three starts when he really needed them on a track that was very hard to pass in Glendae, Arizona. The overall win via 1-2-1 scores gives Tomac a crucial seven point led of Webb with just five rounds to go. Tomac rose to the challenge for the last two rounds and has thrown the gauntlet down to Cooper Webb who now must respond this weekend in Atlanta or it will be advantage Tomac in the championship.

Eli, now second in all time wins in supercross, said of his win in the press conference: “The key was the starts for me. The way this track raced, it was very important to be up front, as it is every race, but this one in particular. It was really high speed. It was one of the drier, more hard-packed tracks that we’ve had in a long time. I honestly don’t remember a track this hard, maybe back to Las Vegas or an old-school Phoenix. It was cool to have a change up, not every track has to be perfect. Yeah, all three motos were pretty solid there. Had a lot of pressure in moto one and in moto three for the ones I won. And obviously Chase rode really good there in moto two.”

“On the Triple Crown itself, I was just pumped because I crashed on the other two this year, like I said, and to win is very important. Good to get those points in the championship and stay off the ground.”

Image: Feld Entertainment Inc.