Cooper Webb offers further injury update

Cooper Webb has posted another injury update after his nasty crash at Nashville which saw him getting run over the head.

The American has been recommended to take 6-8 weeks off the bike and then he’ll need some time after that to prepare for his comeback to racing.

Needing so much time off the bike looks to have ruled Webb out of the WSX opener even if he wanted to do it so it looks like WSX isn’t an option for him despite some recent rumours. The American will instead return towards the end of the AMA Nationals before racing the SMX play offs.

Webb offered the following update on social media:

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“Hi guys, I thought I’d give you a little bit of an update. So, yeah, Nashville was the end of my Supercross season. I had the incident and had a pretty good concussion. I went to the hospital straight away from the race and did a bunch of scans – CT and MRI. I ended up staying the night there, luckily nothing came back too crazy, moderate concussion is what they called it. I was very fortunate there in terms of my neck, collarbone and everything was good, nothing broken and nothing damaged, just some bruises. 

Unfortunately, that was the end of my Supercross run this year. I felt we pushed really hard and made massive strides towards winning another championship. I had a great year with some good battles, it was an unfortunate way for it to end but I know I give it my all. I was there for the fight all year and I have to hang my hat high on that. I can’t be too bummed with how the season went, I obviously wish I could have won some more races and been a little bit closer although eleven points with three rounds to go is still close, I felt like. 

Next up for me, it’s recommended to take six-eight weeks off the dirt bike to really let my head rest and not have anything scary happen later in life. I’ll be on the mend for the next six-eight weeks going full Dad life enjoying time with my wife and daughter which will be great. I’ll get to be a normal dude for a little bit. We will then start the MX preparation, I want to do some of the last Nationals, if not the last half. We will see what happens there and then we’ll go and do the SMX play offs. As of now, I won’t be making the start of the Nationals, I’ll take some time off and hopefully be back towards the end of the Nationals. Appreciate all the love and I will keep you guys posted” 

Image: Align Media