Assomotor Honda statement: Closing their doors

Assomotor Honda have had some great moments in the Motocross world and have worked with many top riders. However, it’s now been confirmed that the team will close their doors.

The news will leave Emil Weckman and Stephen Rubini without a ride for the 2022 season.

Team owner, Alfredo Bevilacqua, posted the following statement on social media:

It was 1991 when Team Assomotor (now known as Honda Racing Assomotor Team), made its first appearance in the Italian Enduro championships, then extended to the Rally, the Supermoto and to follow, the Motocross world.

After 31 years of activity, I travelled from far in 1991 between great successes and satisfactions, which allowed me in time to meet extraordinary people and full of passion for motorcycle races like mine, with sadness in my heart I’m sorry to inform you that my priorities that used to push me to continue have changed. This has inevitably led me to the difficult and hardworking decision to end the racing activity of the team I represent, and this also to dedicate a little more to my private life, which “because” of this beautiful work I have had to sacrifice”.

With great sadness, I repeat, I have come to this painful decision, although I am aware that it will radically change my life and that of my family, but of course also that it was taken in the highest serenity, lucid interest and awareness. I want to thank you, with these few lines, for what you have given me and conveyed to me during these long years of shared passions and fatigue, for the respect you have always kept in me and in my work, for the friendship established, for the support that you have put the Team at your disposal, allowing me to achieve the goals and successes that I hoped for at the beginning and achieved until today, with full awareness so that without you I wouldn’t have been able to emerge in this work. Thank you so much for everything you’ve made me feel and for the memories I’ll carry inside forever.

Alfredo Bevilacqua