Video: Stewart weighs on Deegan v Smith

James Stewart has given his verdict on the Deegan/Smith clash in the opening heat race of the night at Detroit.

The former champ said: “I can’t believe that happened, it was exciting to watch it. Then I would start watching and I’m yeah, it’s just racing, people reading things wrong and all that. Jordon reacted the way he did because he thought Haiden was looking for him, Haiden reacted because though Jordon was doing this and they both ran in there.”

“I do think being young, just like I came in on Ivan Tedesco for no reason and then wondered why he took me out for five races later. Haiden’s trying to send a message, in his intent, as soon as Jordon does that, he’s trying to build his name show he’s not just a youtuber. I don’t think any of them was in wrong.”

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