Video: Sexton’s costly Anaheim crashes

Chase Sexton was extremely disappointed to take fifth after two crashes cost him the chance of a win. The American was all over teammate, Ken Roczen, early int he main only to go down then compound his problems by going down again in the whoops a lap later.

Sexton then composed himself and work into fifth and almost got Musquin on the line for fourth in a good comeback ride – but the win got away from his again.

Sexton said after: “That one was tough, I kind of feel like an idiot making those two mistakes. the first one caught me really far off guard. the second one was me riding off emotion but i showed a lot of fight we didn’t give up. Marv and I had a good battle for a couple of laps at the end, he got me at the finish. That was frustrating because it’s not the first time I’ve been fastest but don’t get the win. Go back to work and work on more whoops practice. Looking forward to Oakland.”