Video: Jett Lawrence interview – positive despite injury!

A very positive Jett Lawrence talks with Michael Antonovich about his thumb injury, finally getting a holiday and watching at Red Bud.

“It sucks. But I have been very lucky. It my first surgery ever done. I haven’t been badly injured like that since Anaheim 2 in 2020 so I have had a clean run for a while so I have to count myself lucky.

“My family knows I’m kind of easy going with stuff like this, if you whinge about it, it ain’t gonna change anything. You can cry about it, I will still have a broken thumb. It doesn’t change anything, I’m just going to keep on going.

“The plan has changed. Before I was training now it’s recover as fast as I can. Whatever I need to do to get this healing faster. Those two weeks are very important to get that healing process started and then once it’s two or three weeks then I can disappear and that holiday I feel like I’ve been needing for a while.”

Watch the full interview below: