Video: High Point first look – Lawrence 70-80% healthy

It’s High Point, one of the best rounds on the AMA circuit for round four of the US outdoors as Chase Sexton looks to rebound from a bad weekend and Jett looks to keep closing down the points gap.

But is he 100% yet?

“I would say maybe 80 to 70%, it’s still not 100% there,” Jett told Michael Lindsay of Vital MX. “I still have to get it taped and worked on, it’s still a little restricted but after last weekend we don’t have much of an excuse anymore. Last weekend we had a bit of leeway because we didn’t know but now after that result, it’s already gone!”

See the on track action and hear from a not yet fully healthy Jett Lawrence, plus Chase Sexton on his second moto crash last weekend and being down on power at altitude below:

Meanwhile back in MXGP, we caught up with Gavin Towers to discuss his move to Europe and what’s it was like being part of Star Yamaha: