Video: Eli Tomac on his crash and future – loss for words

Eli Tomac has taken to social media to give his view on what happened on Saturday night and his future.

“Sunday, I was able to get my achilles fixed, i was very thankful to get in right away and get this thing on the road to recovery. Basically at a loss of words right now for what happened and how it happened. In my mind it was a freak deal, a racing situation. I look back and I barely overjumped that table-top and was just standing up into that ramp and I guess the high G load took a little too much for my achilles there.

“I have over-jumped into plenty of other jumps just as hard, if not harder, and have been totally fine before. I guess this stuff happens in racing.

“It is very unfortunate to lose it this way, but myself and the Star Racing Yamaha team have so much to hold our heads high with. Looking back to 2022 [where we won] winning supercross, motocross and the Motocross of Nations. That whole season was truly unforgettable. It is so special what we have done together in these two years, developing two motorcycles, with a lot of doubt against the motorcycle in the beginning, and we made it work.

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“It has truly been so fun and such a fun journey along the way with this team and everyone involved. There are so many people behind the scenes who are not on the camera and do not get credit. Once again, there is so much to hold our heads high with. Even though this season ended the way it did, the beginning of the season was awesome. Getting seven wins up until this point…it was a great season up until Saturday night. I guess that is just racing.

“One thing is for sure: I am not going to make any decisions on my future. That will come maybe a month or two down the road on whether or not I go racing again or what happens. We are just going to focus on getting healthy. I just want to say thank you to all of those fans who show up to the races and support us. It has been a great ride.”

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