Robert Fobbe: From an AMA National on Saturday to the Dutch Masters on a Monday

Robert Fobbe was a busy man at the weekend to say the least as he was in America for the opening round of the AMA Nationals. The Dutch rider was less than a second off qualifying in the MX2 class which is a real shame after such a long trip to America.

Fobbe then went straight back to the Netherlands to race the final round of the Dutch Masters of Motocross without much sleep and jetlag!

At the moment Fobbe isn’t planning anymore rounds of the AMA Nationals as he has to focus on the KMNV Dutch Championship he has a chance of winning.

“Unreal, but a tough weekend this was! I tried to qualify on Saturday for the first round of the AMA Pro Motocross round in pala, which didn’t go to well. Struggled big time with myself out there on the track which resulted in stiff riding and lots of arm pump. 0.7 of a second to short to qualify for the main races. Pretty bummed how that came out but made an unreal experience and that’s all what matters about this one. After that we rode straight to the airport to make it back in time before Monday, the last round of the Dutch Masters Championship in my hometown Oldebroek! Arrived back home on Sunday night, slept a few hours and raced again on Monday which actually went not to bad. Went 14th in the first moto and a good start in the second moto while riding in 10th place my bike started bugging which made me DNF. Bummer about that one felt good on the track and my fitness was there so there’s more left in the tank.

For this amazing adventure I really want to say a huge thank you to Brent and Elizabeth Norman for the help and hospitality they gave us, you guys are simply amazing. Catching some good sleep now and back to work again”.