OFFBRAND team up with Jason Meara

OFFBRAND are proud to announce that for 2021 they have teamed up with
Jason Meara. This will see them produce his content throughout the course of the season. Meara will be the very first OFFBRAND athlete.

What is an OFFBRAND athlete?

The whole idea with starting the OFFBRAND athlete scheme is to give athletes the opportunity to be involved in video projects, to give them some content and to help the further growth of OFFBRAND. We plan on working with more likeminded athletes in the future and creating unique content for both our pages and theirs.

Another added benefit to the athlete is having something to show their personal sponsors throughout the year! More often than not they will just have a logo on a bike and the odd post on socials. We aim to create more of a spectacle and help those who help our athletes through the content we produce.

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Why Jason Meara?

After producing our film with the Meara brothers “Sibling Rivalry” earlier in 2020 we had a discussion about the concept of doing the athlete scheme and thought that Jason really fitted the role. He’s got a really cool style of riding, putting it all on the line yet still looking very in control.

With our Launch video we wanted to show a bit of what goes into Jason’s program – away from the track. Highlighting the volume of training he puts in and the intensity at which he does it.

Jason Meara: I’m super happy to have the support of Cameron and Robbie at OFFBRAND to help me have some awesome content to put out across my social media accounts. This really is a sponsors delight. It’s awesome to be able to give something back to them in return for all their help.