Mikkel Haarup calls for an MXGP event in Denmark

There a number of very talented Danish riders generating some good results in the GP paddock at the moment. Thomas Kjer Olsen is riding well in MXGP with Mikkel Haarup getting three MX2 podium’s in a row and Bastian Bøgh Damm will make his return this weekend in Latvia.

Glen Meier is another Dane who rides selected MX2 World Championship events and usually battles for points.

In the WMX series, Sara Anderson and Malou Jakobsen currently sit seventh and eighth in the World Championship standings.

Haarup has called for an MXGP event to take place in Denmark in the future – it would be cool to see with so many Dane’s performing well at the moment.

“Aren’t we going to have a World Championship event in Denmark soon? I think it’s about time that we have to hold a World Championship in Denmark. What do you think and where do you think the race should be held?”, Haarup stated on social media.