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Interview: Glenn McCormick – heading to Arco di Trento for EMX Open!

Interview: Glenn McCormick – heading to Arco di Trento for EMX Open!
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Off the back of winning the opening round of the Ulster Championship, Glenn McCormick is heading to Italy to race the EMX Open series taking place this weekend – exciting times to see another Irish rider in the paddock!

We caught up with McCormick to get his thoughts before he races in Italy this weekend…

The decision to go and race the EMX Open series at Arco… 

I have always wanted to do something different and EMX is something I have wanted to do for a long time but it just never really happened. So, when the opportunity came up I did not hesitate to committing on going. I just love motocross, I follow it all and the EMX I just like how it’s always a full class where you have to qualify and the racing is very close!

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Thoughts on Arco as a track? It’ll be running the opposite direction this weekend…

I think as anyone who knows of Arco knows how amazing it looks and I just enjoy getting new experiences and getting to go to new tracks, it looks fun!

Expectations for the weekend…

I think it’s hard to have any expectations as I’ve never raced anyone really in this class apart from my team-mate Tom Grimshaw who is also competing in it but as a rider/racer it’s hard not to have expectations, I think to qualify and be around the top 15 I would be happy with for my first one but it’s all unknown.

Are you likely to do any more rounds of the series…

I would love to do more rounds but with them being so far away and clashes with other racing it will be difficult to get to anymore.

Anything to add/anyone to thank…

I’d just like to say a big thanks to all for making it possible, my mum especially for organising everything and keeping me right, Stephen Agnew also for all his help over the past how many years ‘I don’t want to count’ and of course, Tim chambers and the whole team for just being them and loving this sport!

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Elliot Spencer

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