Injury update: Mads Fredsoe

Image: Reserved rights

Young Danish talent, Mads Fredsoe is enjoying his rookie season in the EMX250 championship after inking a deal with Beddini GasGas coming into the season.

Fredsoe was set to race the MX2 World Championship this season in Maggiora which would have been his second MX2 GP ever – but he has revealed he’s been dealing with an injury for the last month and will have to sit the GP out.

The Beddini GasGas rider has returned back to Denmark to get checked out due to inflammation in his right leg.

The young Dane posted the following update:

“Hey guys I have unfortunately been dealing with an injury the last month or so with inflammation in my right leg. I took the flight home and have been to the doctors here to get it checked.

Unfortunately the situation is right now that I will miss the MX2 World Championship in Maggiora this weekend. It’s a bummer because I looked forward to racing my second World Championship ever, but that’s how it is right now. I’m back ASAP!”.