Herlings on enjoying the process and extending his career

Image: Nigel McKinstry Article: Jonathan McCready

Jeffrey Herlings is very much content with himself and his position in the sport these days. Still not afraid to give his opinion on anything, his legacy is secure as one of the greatest of all time and the winningest GP riding in history. His has the money and the status to retire right now but he still loves racing and trying to win but win or lose, he will give an honest interview regardless of his result.

He appreciates the sport maybe more that ever, has a lot of respect for his rivals and has a great perspective on every aspect of motocross, not surprising with so many highs and lows to reflect on after the best part of 15 years winning at the highest level. And luckily for the fans he wants to stay around and race longer than even he thought he would.

After winning the second moto in Maggiora to take second overall with a 3-1 to Gajser’s 2-1, an amiable Herlings told us:

“It’s getting better, and actually the only thing that’s changed is that I’m right down with the start, you know. And obviously, the pace got better and better, but I feel I’m getting better. It’s crazy to say, you’re almost 30 years old, and you still need, like, 10 races, 10 GP’s to be back with the with the top guys. But, no, I’m pretty happy with it and, yeah, coming closer and closer and, yeah. A couple of GPs, I’ve been on the podium in a row, so I’m pretty happy with it.”

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Herlings also says he enjoys racing these days and winning isn’t everything:

“I always said when I signed this contract, I said this is gonna be my last one because I was done with it. But now, actually, I kinda enjoy it because I take a second and a third. I don’t really care anymore. Like, okay, for sure, I care. I prefer to win, and I do everything in my position to win. But even if I get second or third, I’m like, okay. I did my best and the most important, I go home safe. And my goal is this (stay safe), you know, not to win a championship, not to be top 3.

“My goal is to finish the entire season and do every single race. If I’ve done that, I don’t even honestly, I don’t care about the results. So that’s my goal for this year. And if then we finish 3rd or second, I’ll take it. Even now, I’m not that far anymore beyond Jorge. Okay. Tim is, like, 70 something points abroad, but, it’s still 10 race to go and, anything can still happen.

“I love the process of racing, I love the process of training. I sometimes don’t like the things around it. All the media stuff I gotta do, but I know it’s part of the job. Not this, particularly. But we have a lot of a lot of things what people don’t see and a lot of things we have to do for for partners and sponsors. That’s the only thing I like a bit less, but I Okay. Also fully aware because of them, we’re able to live our dream and the partners that whatsoever they they they pay for it.

“Like, my contract’s up next year with KTM, but after that, I still for now, I still wanna continue.”

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