Gavin Towers on Star Yamaha practice days and moving to Europe

gavin towera ig
Image: Towers IG Interview: Jonathan McCready

We caught up with Gavin Towers in Maggiora to get his thoughts on his move to Europe to race EMX250 and some MX2 Grand Prix races with VRT Yamaha – but he also told us about the intensity of Star Yamaha practice days!

Towers said: “We all rode together (pro guys and amateurs). That’s what was really frustrating for me because I had really good days at the test track where I would be really close to those guys. People can say that I’m lying because I would go to the race and be off but that’s what was frustrating for me and the team. It just needed a bit more work and experience at the races. (Practice days at Star)It’s like a race day, you know when you are having a bad day, somebody else could be having a good day, it really shows your flaws.”

On the diversity of tracks in Europe Gavin said: “I think it will just make you a better all around rider. These guys are really creative with their passing, we can say in the US you don’t have a lot of passing, but the tracks are pretty narrow here, these guys when they make passes they are very creative with them so when they move over to the States, you see who has raced overseas and done some of these tracks, there’s a lot of well rounded tracks and you get a little bit of everything.”

Towers is also getting to grips with living in a foreign country with not much English spoken: “Right now, I live in France, my trainer speaks French and the mechanic I stay with he also speaks French, so it’s tough, just your day to day basis, going to the store. You can kind of get around it, it’s been tough but it’s cool.”

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