Confirmed: Scott Smulders signs with SKS Husqvarna

After a number of years with the BT Husqvarna team, young Dutch talent, Scott Smulders is on the move for the 2022 season. The SKS Husqvarna team based in the Netherlands have decided to snap up Smulders as he moves up from the EMX125 series to contest his rookie year in the competitive EMX250 class.

As well as the EMX250 series, Smulders will also race the Dutch Masters of Motocross. The SKS Husqvarna did a good job running Cas Valk and Kay Karssemakers in the EMX125 class last year and will be hoping Smulders can secure some good results in the EMX250 series.

“It’s official! Super happy I can finally announce I have signed with the SKS Husqvarna and KNMV Motorbond for the 2022 and 2023 season. Thanks everyone for the support who believes in me. Let’s show some good stuff”, Smulders stated on social media.