Catching up with: Anthony Rodriguez!

The GP paddock welcomes a new face in the form of Venezuelan, Anthony Rodriguez as he has been drafted into the HRC Honda awning for the next two MX2 rounds in Italy and Portugal.

Rodriguez has been busy racing in America where he has spent most of his racing career and finished ninth in the 250SX East Coast class racing as a privateer. Considering he was a privateer that’s a pretty good result.

As he reveals in this interview he offered his services to the HRC Honda squad in the GP’s and because of this he now has the exciting opportunity to race in the next two World Championship races.

The twenty-two year old will be looking to improve during the next two races and hopefully stick around in the GP paddock for the rest of the season if an opportunity presents itself.

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Gatedrop: So, it’s official that you will race the next two MX2 GP’s for HRC Honda. How did the deal all come about?

Anthony Rodriguez: I knew that they probably needed a fill in rider so I emailed them a bunch of times to offer myself for the spot.

Gatedrop: You competed in the 250SX East Coast class and ended up ninth, can you sum up your SX season and where you happy with how that went for you?

Anthony Rodriguez: I was very happy with my SX season and especially because I did it all by myself.  I didn’t even get to test suspension, I had to do what I did with very little.

Gatedrop: What’s your expectations of the MX2 World Championship and where do you think you’ll be?

Anthony Rodriguez: I have no idea, I do know that I’m going to go out there and give it my best.

Gatedrop: I believe you’ve rode in Europe before at the JWC events, how did those go for you and did you enjoy racing outside the US?

Anthony Rodriguez: They were nice races to come and do but I never really had a good bike to compete.  For example in Bulgaria I got fourth in the first moto and then the bike blew up during the siting lap of the second moto.

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Gatedrop: Covington, Sanayei, Charboneau and Weltin are American’s currently in the GP paddock, obviously you’re not American but you’ve spent most of you career racing there so did you speak to any of the guys before coming over?

Anthony Rodriguez: I actually didn’t speak to them. I should have because I have been around them but everything was so last minute that there wasn’t any time for that.

Gatedrop: How many times have you rode the Honda MX2 machine and what’s your thoughts on the bike? 

Anthony Rodriguez: I have been in Europe for a week and three days.  I have rode the bike five times and I really liked it.

Gatedrop: If you do well, is there a chance you could stay beyond the two GP races?

Anthony Rodriguez: I’m not quite sure about this. We really haven’t spoken about it.