Cairoli: I am still checking for the best set-up on the bike!

Tony Cairoli hit back st round three in Spain to win both motos and cancel out the six point advantage Jeffrey Herlings brought into round round three at the head of the championship.

Cairoli, who unlike most riders, hadn’t rode the Redsand track during the winter, was superb in the races making the passes he needed to when he needed to to control both motos despite a charging Herlings both times out.

Cairoli though, isn’t settling on his laurels and wants to make more improvements to the bike in order to fight Herlings for the title.

See what he had to say about his win below:

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“I am really happy about the weekend, I am still checking for the best set-up on the bike but we are in a good way, we made some changes on the bike and stepped it up in a good way.

“The first moto I was around 12 or 13 and managed to come round the first lap to second, but I struggled to pass Romain, I had better speed but I struggled to pass him. I could only come throug at the end of the race, I was a little bit tired because I was using all of the track to try and pass him, anyway it was good because I managed to win.

Cairoli Pic: Ray Archer/KTM

“The second moto, a very good start and then Paulin was very aggressive on the first laps and he passed me and made a good rhythm. I tried to follow and he took some good lines, the I came back and passed him and after that I was controlling the situation and I saw that Jeffrey was coming at the end very strong and we could respond with some good lap times. Everything went well and I am really happy to win here in my 84th GP, so it’s very nice and the season is going very good. I am really happy to fight with Jeffrey and the other guys.

“At the moment everything is under control and we are really happy, the next race is going to be in Italy so I will have a busy couple of weeks but I like it to make motocross more popular in Italy. The next race will be on a very popular channel lin Italy and this is good.

“For me to get the red plate now or later it doesn’t really matter. For me it’s important to have good races and try to improve where I see the first two races ai was struggling. Like I said we are working on the bike to help with points we are struggling. Finally we have good set-up and some new things are coming with the bike so I am waiting for this and see if it’s better.”