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WZ Racing confirm 2018 rider line up!

WZ Racing confirm 2018 rider line up!
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Moving up from the EMX125 series to the EMX250 championship for the 2018 season is the talent German, Jeremy Sydow.  Sydow had a solid season this year finishing seventh in the EMX125 championship. Next year will be a rookie year for Sydow in the EMX250 series but he will be hoping to learn and gain as much experience as possible. He rode a 250cc machine this year at an AMA Youngster Cup and he showed some good pace so he could be a surprise in 2018.

Just like Sydow, Thomas Sileika will stay with the team for another season. This year Sileika concentrated on the ADAC Youngsters Cup and ended up second in the series. Sileika will be back competing in the EMX250 series once again in 2018, he has competed in the series in the past but will be hoping for better results next year than in the past.

The team welcome Jere Haavisto under the awning next year as he has agreed a deal with the team. Haavisto will contest the EMX250 series once again, he had some impressive results this year on his 137KTM and ended up twelth in the series. Haavisto will be hoping to break into the top ten at the very least in 2018.

Rejoining the team is Dovydas Karka, the Lithuanian was with the team in 2016 before moving to the CreyMert KTM team. However, Karka left the team in good terms and will be back on a WZ KTM in 2018. Karka will concentrate on the ADAC Youngsters Cup but will do a few rounds of the EMX250 series.

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Sydow: “This season everything works perfect with the team, mechanic and all the people around. I had always a perfect bike and the best support from everyone in the team. so never change a winning team (laughs).  For the next year they give me the opportunity to ride the whole EMX250 series and ADAC Youngster Cup. At the moment I live at the team headquarter and we are going often to Belgium to ride in the sand. The team works 100% and I want to give also 100% back! It’s also nice to have a fast teammate by my side (Tomass Sileika), we push each other at the training’s and this is perfect. Next year I want to fight for the adac youngster cup title and my goal is top 10 in EMX250.  I want to thank my boss Waldemar, my mechanic, family and all the sponsors around me and the team for a great support and a great season”.

Sileika: “The decision was really easy for me, course we already had a great year together and I have nothing to complain about. We might not have the biggest truck on the paddock, but the people around me, our program, material and everything is for sure on the highest level.
My season overall was really good, we had some setbacks at times, but we always managed to get the best out of everything, and I was pretty consistent all year long, that’s what I’m really happy about because i couldn’t do it in the past.
For next year I want to show that I can run with the top guys in EMX250 and I guess I’m forced to ride masters in ADAC so I will use it as a good experience, and sure will try my best to get maximum out of it.
I want to say thanks to the whole WZ racing squad without them I wouldn’t be racing at all, my sponsors, family, and the fans cheering me up by the track side!”

Haavisto: “I’m really grateful for WZ Racing’s ability for me to ride in the team and for all the sponsors, coaches Jyrki Louhi and Jussi Nikkilä. Next year’s goal is to win the European championship in the EMX250 class. There are still a sponsors in negotiations but we will announce them before the season starts. There should be some interesting things coming up.”

Karka: “It was a difficult year struggling with the EMX250 series for me this year. But I’ve tried few round of ADAC championship and I kind of felt like I’m home again. I like the series, it’s competitive, it has a good structure and good tracks. It’s also nice knowing that I’ll be back racing with my “home” team again next year along side my fellow Latvian Tomass Sileika and Jeremy Sydow. I don’t put any pressure on myself for next year, just going to work my a$$ off during the off-season and we’ll see what it will bring. Another thing is I have my final school exams of all 12 years of studying this Spring so it will be a challenge to combine motocross and exams, as I might miss some races, but I love challenges so bring it on. I would like to thank Creymert Racing for 2017, they did a lot for me and I couldn’t do it alone.”


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