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Who impressed: Valkenswaard MX2

Who impressed: Valkenswaard MX2
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Pauls Jonass: It’s hard not to be impressed by the defending world champion. His poise under extreme pressure is superb and he is showing his true speed this year after admitting last season he went for more consistency that outright wins and played it carefully at the end of the season. Now we are seeing the speed Jonass kept under the hood in 2017 and he is consistently 1-1!

Jorge Prado: The classy Spaniard showed just how mentally strong he is by rebounding from a disappointing opening GP to give Pauls Jonass a run for his money in both motos. a Prado says the move to De Carli really suits him and that he is much happier – and he might not even go to the USA now. It will be MXGP’s gain if he stays, and he might be the  next big challenge for Herlings when he goes to 450 class!

Pic. Jonass and a Prado battled all day. Pic: YS

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Jago Geerts: The Belgian has been touted as the endgame big thing in Belgium for the last few years but really showed his potential in Valkenswaard with a sterling fourth place in race one and last to 13th in race two. Geerts is quieter and has less flash than Prado but is not less talented and as he gets more comfortsble in the class he could well become Prado’s big rival for the MX2 title in the future.

Geerts rode fantastic in Valkenswaard. Pic: CDS

Conrad Mewse: The Brit showed he is a new rider this year with two brilliant rides for fourth overall in very tough conditions. Mewse beat Lawrence straight up and showed he belongs at the sharp end of the pack. The team and his set-up in England is clearly relaxing Mewse and now he is showing the talent and the results he has promised for the last couple of years.

Mewse is showing his true form. Pic: Ray Archer

Henri Jacobi: The German was ultra impressive again, but this time it was in deep sand, not something a German is expected to excel in! I’m not sure what Jacobi has been doing this winter but it has definitely been working and he might be the biggest surprise of the season so far. It’s always great to see promising young riders flourish and Jacobi after an up and down couple of seasons seems to finally have all the pieces of the puzzle together.

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