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Weckman grabs the red plate in Holland!

Weckman grabs the red plate in Holland!
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With one round left to go things are certainly starting to heat up in the Dutch Masters of Motocross 125cc title fight. KTM Diga Junior Racing’s Emil Weckman grabbed the provisional lead in Mill. Weckman was second overall thanks a 3-1 scorecard for the day.

One week prior to the race in Mill the double EMX150 champion put in a great result at the Belgian championship in Lommel where he raced against the MX2 bikes. In spite of his current form Weckman started his day in Mill conservatively. Unable to find a good pace and with difficulties to pass on a busy track Emil had to settle for sixth, 2,6 seconds from polesitter Raivo Dankers.

Come first moto the KTM Diga Junior Racing rider put the hammer down after a mediocre jump from the gate. Fifth into the first corner he made early passes for fourth and then third. With second placed Raf Meuwissen in his sights it seemed only a matter of time before Weckman would snatch one more position but in the end he had to settle for third.

Similarly to the first outing Emil didn’t have the best drive from the gate. However the young Finnish ace has already moved into third exiting the first corner. Weckman decides to make hay while the sun shines and guides his KTM 125 SX to the lead before the end of the first lap. Gradually extending his lead he controls the race and come home almost 10 second ahead of Dankers, the overall winner of the event.

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Team mate Damian Kosjs had a great learning experience at “Circuitpark De Kuilen”. Damian pushed a solid one lap pace but the level of competition, the heat and rough track conditions demanded their toll. To avoid unnecessary risks Kojs pulled in each moto when he feels drained. EMX250 contender Miro Sihvonen was sidelined for the Dutch Masters race. The fast Finn is taking some mandatory rest to let is overloaded knee recover.

The Dutch Masters of Motocross final will take place in two months during ‘De Zwarte Cross’ in Lichtenvoorde. This weekend the KTM Diga Junior team will race in Kegums, Latvia.

Emil Weckman: “It was a tough, demanding race for everyone! Mill was a very good preparation for Kegums, especially because of the heat and because the track got so rough. In the first moto I had planned to wait a while before attempting a pass when I was behind Meuwissen. Before I knew it we started to hit traffic with the lappers and to make matters worse, I made a few mistakes myself. So I blew my chance there. The second moto went really well. I was able to take the lead early on and that made life easier. I built a comfortable lead of 10, 15 seconds and I was able to manage my race well.”

125cc Dutch Masters of Motocross Mill Race 1
1. Raivo Dankers, 2. Raf Meuwissen, 3. Emil Weckman, 4. Filip olsson, 5. Brian van der Klij, 6. Cameron Durow, 7. Adam Collings, 8. Twan Wagenaar, 9. Loeka Thonies, 10. Sam Nunn, 11. Alessandro Facca, 12. Boyd Van der Voorn, 13. Arno Menting, 14. James Scott, 15. Dean Schellen , 16.  Rick Wennekens, 17. Niki Kutcherov, 18. Wannes van de Voorde, 19. Rob Van de Veerdonk, 20. Dylan Kroon

125cc Dutch Masters of Motocross Mill Race 2
1. Emil Weckman,
 2. Raivo Dankers, 3. Filip olsson, 4. Raf Meuwissen, 5. James Scott, 6. Alessandro Facca, 7. Cameron Durow, 8. Rick Wennekens, 9. Wannes van de Voorde, 10. Boyd Van der Voorn, 11. Adam Collings, 12. Twan Wagenaar, 13. Wiljam Malin, 14. Arno Menting, 15. Rob Van de Veerdonk, 16. Brian van der Klij, 17. Lars Derboven, 18. Noah Croon, 19. Dean Schellen, 20. Kjeld Stuurman

Overalls standings Mill Race
1. Raivo Dankers 47, 2. Emil Weckman 45, 3. Raf Meuwissen 40, 4. Filip Olsson 38, 5. Cameron Durow 29, 6. Alessandro Facca 25, 7. Adam Collings 24, 8. James Scott 23, 9. Twan Wagenaar 22, 10. Brian van der Klij 21, 11. Boyd Van der Voorn 20, 12. Rick Wennekens 18, 13. Wannes van de Voorde 15, 14. Arno Menting 15, 15. Loeka Thonies 12, 16. Sam Nunn 11, 17. Wiljam Malin 8, 18. Rob Van De Veerdonk 8, 19. Dean Schellen 8, 20. Lars Derboven 5

Championship standings Dutch Masters of Motocross after 3 rounds
1. Emil Weckman 115, 2. Raivo Dankers 112, 3. Filip Olsson 110, 4. Raf Meuwisssen 110, 5. Brian van der Klij 69, 6. Emil Jonrup 65, 7. Peter Polak 64, 8. Boyd van der Voorn 60, 9. Rene Hofer 47, 10. Cameon Durow 44, 11. Loeka Thonies 36, 12. Alessandro Facca 35, 13. Arno Menting 33, Twan Wagenaar 29, 15. Adam Collings 28, 16. Mario Lucas 28, 17. Lion Florian 26, 18. James Scott 23, 19. Wannes van de Voorde 23, 20. Jörgen-Matthias Talviku

Words: Tom Jacobs

Pic: Eric laurijssen

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