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Video: Webb takes out Cianciarulo

Video: Webb takes out Cianciarulo
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Watch Cooper Webb take rival Adam Cianciarulo out at Muddy Creek on his way to the overall win.

Cianciarulo was not happy but Webb, to his credit, did apologise on the podium, insisting he didn’t think Cianciarulo was going to turn as tight and that it wasn’t an intentional take-out despite the years of bad blood between the two.

Cianciarulo was not accepting of the apology but the background of the two rivals, Cianciarulo got the hype as an amateur while Webb felt he didn’t get the respect he deserved caused a huge rift between the two that remains today.

And now with roles reversed in the pros and Webb getting the results while Cianciarulo struggles to live up to his hype must make it all the more frustrating for Adam when he is taken out by a rival, who is doing what Cianciarulo believes he should be doing – winning.

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