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Video: Tomac v Cianciarulo

Video: Tomac v Cianciarulo
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Most factories don’t have two elite level riders in their factory team but Kawasaki do! Adam Cianciarulo showed he had the raw speed in 2020 in 450 supercross and outdoors, and now with a year of experience under his belt, AC should be a bona-fide title contender and challenge the defending champion and teammate Eli Tomac.

With contrasting personalities, the outgoing and very self-confident Cianciarulo has always believed he is the best rider out there but the more introverted and quiet Tomac has taken too long to win the supercross title and won’t want to give it away easily, much less to his teammate, Cianciarulo!

It could be a fascinating duel within the awning never mind the resto of competitors lining up to take Tomac’s number one plate away from him! See the title contending teammates in the whoops as they prepare for the 2021 supercross season – who is looking better?

Words: Jonathan McCready

Image: Kawasaki

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