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Video: Tim Gajser on the difference between supercross and motocross and his experience

Video: Tim Gajser on the difference between supercross and motocross and his experience
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Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Emig caught up with MXGP world champion, Tim Gajser, to talk about his career and racing in MXGP but they also talked about the difference between European riders and the Americans with the down-to-earth Tim giving his unique take, including his experience of supercross suspension!

RC started the topic saying: “Definitely European riders are a step above the American riders in motocross, tell us the difference between European riders and American riders outdoors…

Gajser replied, “I would say comparing European riders and American riders is difficult, we are both really good. Maybe in motocross, in MXGP we ride all the year in motocross so we put a lot of focus on motocross, how to set up the bike, with everything that comes with motocross. In America, I think the riders are more focusing on supercross, they take the set-up with the bike more seriously about supercross and most of the time they ride supercross, that’s why they are better in supercross. I was able to try both supercross and motocross and I would say I think the biggest difference is how the bike set-up is.

“I was really surprised when I first tried supercross suspension, they are so stiff I didn’t know how I was going to ride when I first sat on the bike! After a couple of laps on the supercross track you get used to it because it is almost impossible to ride with MXGP suspension on a supercross track, I tried that in 2017 at the Monster Cup and I had a big crash because my bike was too soft. For 2019 when I came back for Monster Cup I took preparation more seriously and I went with supercross suspension and I felt immediately much better. There is a big difference when you compare motocross to supercross.”

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Carmichael then gave his view: “I feel like our guys here they care more about supercross, that’s what they want to win and they work really, really hard to get that championship and then in motocross do enough to get by. And you guys, you are always riding outdoors and you are always progressing and getting better, better, better and making bigger gains and I think that’s why everybody sees the difference now at the MXoN.”

Make sure you watch the whole interview below including how Tim got started in the sport, his thoughts on the MXGP series structure, helping those less fortunate and how he is a student on the past and present of motocross and supercross:


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