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Video: Raising the standards of flag marshalling!

Video: Raising the standards of flag marshalling!
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As the 2018 FIM Motocross World Championship season is poised to start, the FIM is pleased to launch a video on flag marshalling at motocross events.

The purpose of the clip is to help the FIM’s Continental Unions and National Federations, their clubs and organisers at all levels, as well as their members and flag marshals to make the sport safer for everyone involved.

Flag marshals are part of the many unsung heroes behind an event. They play a significant role, are always close to the action, often putting their safety at risk to protect the riders. They must take decisions and appropriate action in a fraction of a second. The safety of the riders depends on that action, hence the need for the marshals to have a correct understanding of the use of the flags in any situation that might occur.

With all this in mind, the FIM Motocross Commission, together with YouthStream, has produced a video clip aimed at raising the standards of flag marshalling.

FIM CMS Director Mr Tony Skillington commented: “We would like to thank YouthStream and its staff who have helped us to produce this clip. It may seem a small thing but it is a tremendous step forward in making the sport safer for all, riders, officials and fans alike.”

Words: FIM

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