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Video: Max Anstie in last lap crash

Video: Max Anstie in last lap crash
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Update- Sorry for the false alarm folks, a case of mistaken identity. It was Max Nagl that had his arm in the sling not Max Anstie who seems to be fine.

Max Anstie has this huge last lap crash with a backmarker while trying to pass Gautier Paulin for second place in the MXGP qualifying race.

Max seemed to be ok and still finished 4th but unfortunately we saw the luckless Brit with his arm in a sling after the races! We don’t know yet what exactly the injury is and if it will stop him from riding tomorrow but it is not a good sign especially as Anstie was riding so well in front of his home crowd. (Editor note – Anstie is not injured see update above)

Ukraine’s┬áDmytro Asmanov also ran to the side of the track holding his right arm.

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