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Video: James Stewart on San Diego

Video: James Stewart on San Diego
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James Stewart gives his view on the San Diego supercross and was especially complimentary of Cooper Webb and his race tactics, believing if Webb wins this weekend in Tampa, it could be his championship again.

”I do believe Cooper outsmarted everybody this weekend,” explained Stewart. “When he figured out the first couple of laps, jumping through the whoops, it was actually faster, it is hardly ever faster jumping through the whoops and it was a lot easier. The time and energy he saved by doing that clearly helped him at the end of the race.”

“To me Cooper won this race by outsmarting everybody. It wasn’t Tomac speed, it wasn’t Roczen flash, it was smart, he did it to perfection. If Cooper wins this weekend I think he’s going to win the title, I think he is the guy that doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, he has the right mentality no matter what those guys do, Cooper finds a way to win.”

Watch the full analysis below:


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