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Video: First lap carnage at Landrake!

Video: First lap carnage at Landrake!
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Stuart Edmonds gives you a first hand view of what it’s like racing the pro fastest 40 class at Landrake with riders going everywhere!

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What is your thoughts?? So i remembered in moto 2 at the weekend i was very annoyed for some reason at the start of the race! Possibly due to my mediocre start but it wasnt until i looked back on my @olficamera footage until i remember why! So i will now name and shame the riders i felt made no effort at all to stay on the track and made places up. I feel @mxnationalsuk should be looking into these parts for riders cutting and making ground as its always done! Clarke of the course needs to aware of this! Dylan Walsh a rider of your level you should know better!!!! Glen McCormick (pushed of track by Jorgan but didnt seem to make ground) Joel Rizzi ( No attempt at staying on track and made up places) Jorgan Tolviku ( no attempt to stay on track and made up places) Also with further inspection😂 @jlaw_25 followed the above lot on the left hander🤦‍♂️ but was pushed out on the table top As a professional rider i was always made aware if you where pushed of track you rejoined at a safe place and made no ground in doing so! 🤷‍♂️

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